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We've been helping businesses like yours scan, shred and store important documents. We help companies get rid of File Cabinets and eliminate off-site document storage units, saving companies significant money.

Imagine the benefits of having instant access to your records and reclaiming valuable office space.

Our scanning bureau has been helping companies provide document access to remote employees via its secure, cloud-based Virtual File Cabinet (VFC) system. The VFILECABINET system enables full-text search capabilities for all documents, including handwritten notes.

For important documents that must be stored, we stores boxes in our secure warehouse to facilitate legal retention compliance and we proactively alert our clients when document destruction is scheduled and needed.

Here is our Cost Calculator to help customers determine the cost of Scanning and Digitizing any size job:


We take your data security seriously and have multiple layers of protection, such as secure cloud hosting with 256-bit file encryption. With a hardware network firewall and redundant off-site file backups, you can be assured your records are being protected.


As your digital transition partner, we provide a wide range of document services to increase productivity. From customized capture and electronic file storage solutions to box exit strategies to free you from storage fees, we have a proven track record of success and customer service.
assists members of each business sector with their individual document storage and retention requirements, taking them from where they currently are, to where they need to be...digitized!

Whether a fully paperless office is the goal or an incremental box storage exit strategy or a day-forward electronic imaging service, we can become your transitional partner, something that is missing from today�s many document management options.

Allow us to assess your needs and get you on your way to a more efficient and organized business environment. Our service is like no other.